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Outdoor LED Signs

High quality

The outdoor LED Signs with IP65-rated(front/rear) robust weatherproof design, it boasts reliable performance even under harsh environments. Guarantees longer life span and more reliable performance.

Highly Customizable

Your display is designed specifically for you marketing objectives, with your brand, logo, colors, graphics and marketing message to make you stand out from your competition.

Greater control over your message

The content delivered through digital signs can be easily adjusted in terms of both the message and timing. Compared to TV or radio ads that replay the same content for an agreed duration, or billboards and other print media that require the physical change of content, you can tweak your digital sign by simply uploading fresh content to impact your business immediately

Cost Effective

The LED Signs is a type of energy-saving electronic component. It’s also very convenient to replace or maintain if there is any damage appears. The cost of digital sign may range between 50% and 60% that of a billboard per month. However, a digital sign will allow you to showcase multiple products and services with several flips at a set interval without cluttering your message.

High Brightness

The brightness of the AlphaDigital outdoor LED Signs is 5000nits, much brighter than LCD screen or projector.


Controlled Via Mobile Phone/computer/WIFI/USB Connection

LedPoster(iPoster) can be operated by an IOS/Android App

Easily change and save the content on the phone and upload in 10 seconds