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Channel Letters & Flex Neon

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Alphadigital has been devoted to advancing LED technology all over the world. Our LED displays include some of the most technologically advanced and forward-thinking designs available on the market today

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Fabricated Sign Letters to Fit Any Need

Attracting the Attention of customers and patrons is vital, but it can be a real challenge for businesses and organizations. Signage is perhaps the single most important element is this equation, but you cannot afford a misstep here. The right signage can do amazing things. The wrong signage not only limits your traction, but can send the wrong message. You deserve a customized signage solution, and at AlphaDigital, we are proud to offer just that with our 3D fabricated sign letters and signage in Calgary and Anywhere in Canada!

Side Lit

This Process is an electroplating process engraving surface using ABS, chrome colors could use in indoor and outdoor chrome surface last 9 years

Way Finding

Flexible Design

Because channel letter signs have an array of fabrication options, channel letters can become almost anything you imagine them to be. You can choose the shape, size, color, and style. The only limitations you may face will be caused by zoning codes, laws and regulations.

Indoor & Outdoor

Since channel letters can be lit or unlit and sized differently, you can get outdoor and indoor variations for your store. Channel letters also make for eye-catching directional signs for businesses. This also allows for keeping a consistent image, translating over to brand recognition, our next point.

Echo Friendly

If you are trying to go green or uphold eco standards, then this is the sign for you. Maintaining channel letter signage once installed costs next to nothing. You might have to check for weathering once in a while, but overall, these durable signs are built to last.

Flex Neon

No Pixelation

LED Flex Neon is the world’s most uniform linear lighting. High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip. 

No Dark Spots

Everyone can layout lights in a line. But only our fixture can be assembled with no installation dark spots caused from connections